Are You Suffering from Digital Eyestrain?

How many hours a day do you spend staring at a screen? Many people do this for a living, and they are seated in front of a monitor for up to 8 hours in a day. It's hardly surprising that they may suffer from a condition known as digital eyestrain which is becoming prevalent in modern society and it can certainly have an effect on them as the months and years go by. Could you be suffering from this condition and if so, what should you do?


If you consider that computers have only been in widespread use for a few decades, then you'll understand how difficult it is for experts to determine the long-term effects to the eye. Certainly, different screens are available to try and cut down on the glare, while you can also add a software program that will try to dim the blue light at certain times of day. Either way, you may find that you get the odd headache or suffer from tired or sore eyes when it's time to go home. Some people even report blurred vision after a taxing week at the desk.


It can be difficult to focus on the screen as the image is, of course, made up from thousands of miniature pixels. Even with the best quality monitor, this image is likely to be less defined than conventional print and this may make it more difficult for the eye to focus.


Some people think that they can pick up a pair of cheap reading glasses off the shelf at their local supermarket and that this will do. Yet reading glasses are not designed to work at that distance, and to be safe, most people should get some form of prescription glasses if they are running into problems. These will be specially designed to help your eyes focus at the correct distance and you may even be able to get a pair of bifocals, which allow your eyes to adjust between close and intermediate vision as needed.


In the meantime, try to position the screen so that it is in a more optimal position and so that you do not have to deal with a lot of backlight. In other words, move it away from a window, even if you may like to admire the view in the background. You can admire the window while taking a break, which can also help reduce eyestrain.

Eye Exam

Talk with your optometrist if it has been some time since you had an exam. They may be able to help you with an appropriate pair of prescription glasses.

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